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Take control of your energy needs and supply with us, save money and reduce the energy you use. Whether for home, business, or as a contractor, we can help you on your journey, with smaller bills, smarter products, and a whole world of support.

Fuelling our future

Everything we offer will save you money, making sustainability a real option. We’ve made it cheaper and easier to switch to a money-saving, energy-efficient lifestyle. We’re helping to create a brand new era in sustainability. One where homeowners and organisations have the power to make a difference by reducing their energy bill. Giving everyone a chance to do their bit.





We’re on a mission to inspire a sustainable future.

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Whether you want to reduce your energy bills, be forward-thinking when it comes to saving energy and doing your bit for the planet, or to improve the value of your home, we can help you.


An energy company that wants you to save money? Imagine that. We’re here to help you cut your costs, boost your green credentials, and future-proof your business.


We’ll provide you with the latest technologies, finance options, industry certification support, and all of the guidance you need to future-proof your business.

Our history

Evergreen Energy was formed by sustainability advocate and social entrepreneur, Stephen Critchlow, to alleviate fuel poverty in the UK and provide sustainable energy without compromise.

The company was formed in 2016, though the idea was founded in it’s founding businesses; ASC Renewables, Qualitick, and LED Planet. Evergreen Energy unites experience in renewable energy generation, know-how of energy efficiency, and an understanding of the UK energy market.

Forming Evergreen Energy allows us to move forward in achieving our combined vision and fully utilises our market-leading services to provide sustainability without compromise.

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