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We believe in supporting businesses that make positive social and environmental impact through their work. Our investments encourage sustainable and responsible business ideas, and empower others to make a real positive difference to people and the environment around them.

Supercarers Investment

Connecting families with trusted care providers

SuperCarers connects families with experienced and qualified carers who provide a wide range of medical, home care and palliative support for loved ones. The online service connects families with local carers directly, saving families money and providing job opportunities for care workers.

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TBI Media Investment

Multi award-winning production company

Bringing new thought and direction to music and entertainment based content, TBI Media has worked with leading broadcast networks and record labels. TBI produces high quality programmes and live events for television, radio and online viewing, both within the UK and internationally.

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Evergreen joins Ashoka

A network of the UK’s leading social innovators

 For over 10 years, Ashoka UK has developed an extensive network of social innovators and entrepreneurs who are actively creating positive change in areas from climate change to housing. Connecting leading businesses with schools and individual social change makers, Ashoka is creating communities of innovators who are really making a difference.

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Ethical Property Investment

Commercial space designed for social change

Ethical Property manages office, meeting, event and retail spaces for charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations throughout the UK. By providing a reliable space from which third sector organisations can achieve their objectives, Ethical Property plays a valuable role in delivering positive social, environmental and economic change.

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AIC Investment

Capital solutions for middle-market companies

AIC Ventures is an investment fund manager that acquires and leases property, providing a reliable alternative to accessing capital for middle-market companies. Their focus is on offering the best possible solutions to help companies gain access to greater returns they can reinvest in their core business.

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Switchee Investment

Smart thermostats for affordable housing

Using the latest in energy saving technology, Switchee smart thermostats help affordable housing providers fight fuel poverty. These easy to use systems control heating to optimal levels, reducing energy waste and enabling home owners to effectively monitor temperatures across all properties.

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Open Bionics Investment

Utilising innovative technology to develop affordable bionic hands


Open Bionics is using the latest in 3D scanning and printing technology to transform the lives of people who require prosthetic hands. Their manufacturing technique ensures a comfortable fit and enhanced dexterity. It also greatly reduces the cost of the prosthesis, making it a more affordable and accessible option.

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