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Commercial space designed for social change


Ethical Property manages office, meeting, event and retail spaces for charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations throughout the UK. By providing a reliable space from which third sector organisations can achieve their objectives, Ethical Property plays a valuable role in delivering positive social, environmental and economic change.


About Ethical Property

Ethical Property has established an impressive portfolio of properties throughout England, Wales and Scotland and is one of the largest social businesses in the UK. It owns a total of 23 centres that provide office, meeting and event space to over 1000 organisations and with investment from 1350 stakeholders Ethical Property is currently valued in excess of £22million.


Since its establishment in 1998, Ethical Property has focused on providing flexible and affordable space to organisations that can’t afford the normal property markets. Social and charity organisations also benefit from sharing work spaces with similar organisations, offering networking and development opportunities. Each of the 23 Centres run by Ethical Property receive annual financial, social and economic auditing to ensure they are working to the most efficient level possible.


Company Outcomes

Ethical Property not only supports small charitable organisations, it is also a highly successful and profitable business. The average occupancy rate across their 23 Centres is 96.6% with over 80% of tenants reporting that being in an Ethical Property helps them achieve their objectives, indirectly improving the lives of thousands of beneficiaries.


Investors in Ethical Property receive an annual dividend of 2.6%, and commercial property is a safe and reliable investment offering long term capital growth.


For more information about Ethical Property, visit their website.